Joint projects

UNICEF Pacific - Vanuatu, Kiribati, Solomon Is (2010-2012)
Evaluation and Baseline Studies for the Child-Friendly Schools Programme

The purpose of this assignment was:

Firstly, to conduct three baseline studies on the Child Friendly Schools (CFS) programme in primary schools of Vanuatu (Sanma, Penama Provinces), the Solomon Islands (Western, Choiseul Provinces) and primary and junior secondary schools in Abemama and South Tarawa, Kiribati.

Secondly, to evaluate the impact and efficiency of the CFS approach in Tafea Province, Vanuatu and Isabel Province, Solomon Islands as a means of evidence-based infusion of CFS within national education systems.

 Data collection with Year 1-3 children, Vanuatu.


For this project we were joined by Eneli Pakau, as well as research assistants in each of the three countries.

Eneli interviewing chiefs, Vunabulu (Santo), Vanuatu 




NZAID (New Zealand's Agency for International Development), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, New Zealand (2008-2010)
Organisational reviews for the KOHA-PICD fund

Reviews for the annual organisational reviews for KOHA-PICD (Kaihono hei Oranga Hapori o te Ao - Partnerships for International Community Development), a fund for non-government New Zealand organizations involved in community development overseas.

Organisations reviewed:

CBM NZ - including project visits to partners in Thailand (2010)

Save the Children NZ - including project visits to partners in Nepal (2010)

Oxfam NZ - including project visits to partners in Vanuatu and Timor-Leste (2010)

Mahitahi (NZ Catholic overesas volunteers) (2010)

TEAR Fund NZ - including project visits to partners in India (2009)

SurfAid NZ - including project visits in Indonesia (2009)


In addition to the reports provided to each organisation and the NZAID committee, generic Lessons Learned reports were written for the non-governmental community each year.

Click here for: Lessons Learned for NGOs 2010
Click here for: Lessons Learned for NGOs 2009

Steve at welcome in Saré, Timor-Leste

Hilary and baby Kevin at Katiet Centre (Mentawai), Indonesia


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