Gamilaraay & Yuwaalaraay resources

Materials being developed with the Australian National University team supporting the revival of Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay, two related Australian Indigenous languages from northern New South Wales.

Animated videos

    The YouTube "Speak Gamilaraay" channel can be accessed here.

    Colouring in sheets for children linked to some of the videos:

    Classroom activities

    Classroom words (GR) Classroom_words_20-12-17.docx 
    'Are you good?' (GR) Revision dictation Revision_Dictation_Lesson_4_20-12-17.docx
    Suffix -gu (GR) Picture dictation: Yananga yarralgu Picture_dictation_Lesson_5_20-12-17.docx,  Teacher notes
    Suffix -Ga (GR) Where is it? PPT activity Tidbinbilla-ga PPT 16-03-17
    Suffix -Ga (GR) Dhalaa giidjaa? Mini-poster Dhalaa giidjaa GR 15-03-17
    Suffix -Ga (YR) Minyaaya giidjaa? Mini-poster Minyaaya giidjaa YR 16-03-17
    Commands (GR) Crossword Commands crossword 20-12-17
    Possession 1st & 2nd p. sing. (GR, YR) Dhiiyaan Ngay Activity Dhiiyaan ngay Teacher notes 20-03-17
    Suffix -Dhi (GR) Minyadhi giyal bandaarr? Mini-poster Minyadhi giyal bandaarr GR 20-03-17
    Suffix -Dhi (YR) Minyadhi giyal bandaarr? Mini-poster Minyadhi giyal bandaarr YR 20-03-17
    Pronouns (singular) (GR) (YR) Poem listening activity

    Pronouns & poem GR,  Pronouns & poem YRSound file Bonnie GR, Sound file Bonnie YR, teacher notes

    Pronouns (3rd p.) (GR) 'We are Australian' listening cloze activity We are Australian cloze 21-12-17

    Christmas materials

    Christmas carol video Silent Night GR (Dhabiyaan Ngurru)
    Mini-posters Go with Baayami GRGo with Baayami YR
    Colouring in  Nativity GRNativity YR
    Christmas tree GRChristmas tree YR

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